Public Health Matters: The Pharmacist's Role in the HIV Space, Removing Barriers, Racial Disparities


Tune into this special episode of "Public Health Matters" to gain insights into the multifaceted role of pharmacists in public health and HIV care, while also highlighting the personal journey and passions of Alsean Bryant.

In this special episode of Public Health Matters, Dr. Christina Madison and special guest, Alsean Bryant, discuss Bryant's work in addressing health and racial disparities within the HIV community. They also highlight Bryant’s journey to becoming a PrEP provider as well as the intersection of pharmacy, public health, and music in his life and career.

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About The Guest

Dr. Alsean Bryant is a residency-trained Strategic Response Team Pharmacist and PrEP Provider with AIDS Healthcare Foundation in the DC Metropolitan Area, where he uses both his clinical expertise and creative skill sets to deliver optimal health services to patients, and spearhead initiatives to promote wellness while building strong partnerships within communities of need.

Dr. Bryant is the Immediate-Past President of the Washington DC Pharmacy Association and a proud graduate of Florida A&M University.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Bryant's background and journey into the HIV space and his journey to becoming a PrEP provider.
  • The importance of the pharmacist's role within public health and HIV care.
  • Challenges—particularly when overcoming racial disparities in care—and opportunities in HIV prevention and treatment.
  • Advocacy efforts for equitable reimbursement for pharmacist-provided services.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pharmacists play a vital role in public health, particularly in addressing health disparities within the HIV community, and their expertise in medication management and patient counseling are essential for improving health outcomes.
  2. Normalizing conversations about sexual health and HIV prevention in primary care settings is essential, and integrating these discussions into routine care can improve prevention and reduce barriers to testing.
  3. Despite advancements in HIV prevention, challenges such as access to care and medication adherence persist and addressing these challenges requires collaborative efforts among health care providers, policy-makers, and community organizations.
  4. Collaborative practice agreements and advocacy efforts are key to expanding the roles of pharmacists in public health and HIV care.

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