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People wearing masks during COIVD-19 pandemic -- Image credit: blvdone |
Patients Receiving Psychiatric Care May Be at Increased Risk of Pandemic-Related Stress, But Are Not at Increased Risk of Believing in Conspiracy Theories

May 22nd 2024

Experts emphasize the importance of awareness when using social media and make suggestions on how to combat the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Woman receiving COVID vaccine -- Image credit: lovelyday12 |
Study Finds Similar COVID-19 Vaccination Rates in Undocumented Latinx Patients and US Citizens

May 3rd 2024

Serious thoughtful medical colleagues using digital tablet while viewing report together and discussing results standing by oxygen cylinders in laboratory- Image credit: Seventyfour |
Advocate for Greater Pharmacy Technician Roles

April 24th 2024

Busy hospital scene -- Image credit: Kurosch |
COVID-19 Pandemic Brought Changes, Requiring Significant Adjustments in Health Systems

April 14th 2024

Positive COVID-19 rapid test -- Image credit: tdoes |
FDA Grants Pemivibart Emergency Use Authorization for PrEP of COVID-19 in Immunocompromised Patients

March 25th 2024

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