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The Pharmacy Times® Skin Cancer Resource Center is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on cancers that occur on the skin, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

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Health care professional preparing vaccine -- Image credit: Alernon77 |
Men With Melanoma Who Receive Enhanced Vaccine Experience Improvements in Overall Survival

April 1st 2024

It is unclear why the vaccines were less effective in women, but researchers note that the findings can be important when determining immune therapy outcomes in patients with melanoma.

Image credit: Dusko |
Study Results Show Current Smoking Increases the Risk of Death from Melanoma

February 21st 2024

Dermatologist examining moles of patient in clinic | Image Credit: Pixel-Shot -
FDA Grants Accelerated Approval to Lifileucel For Treatment of Advanced Melanoma

February 16th 2024

Doctor dermatologist examines skin of patient, prevention of melanoma, skin cancer. | Image Credit: InsideCreativeHouse -
Top 5 Pharmacy Times Skin Cancer Articles of 2023

December 27th 2023

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