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OTC Contraception Opens New Opportunities for Counseling Patients

April 18th 2024

With the first FDA-approved option hitting shelves soon, pharmacists can advise patients on the best methods to prevent pregnancy

Choosing method of contraception : Birth control pills, an injection syringe, condom, IUD-method, on grey - Image credit: JPC-PROD | stock.adobe.com
Understand the Impact of the ACA on Women’s Equity and Accessible Contraceptives

April 17th 2024

Pharmacy Drugstore Checkout Cashier Counter | Image Credit: Gorodenkoff - stock.adobe.com
OTC Contraception Hits Shelves

April 15th 2024

Patient Preferences Play Essential Part in Contraceptive Care
Patient Preferences Play Essential Part in Contraceptive Care

April 8th 2024

3d illustration proteins with lymphocytes, t cells or cancer cells | Image Credit: Design Cells - stock.adobe.com
Dostarlimab Plus Chemotherapy Demonstrates Significant Overall Survival Benefit in Endometrial Cancer

April 2nd 2024

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