Peer Exchange

The Pharmacy Times® Peer Exchange series is built around video panel discussions featuring some of the most recognizable names in pharmaceuticals. Each program focuses on a specific disease, condition, or therapy, and boasts energetic, moderated conversation on a variety of subjects and questions pertaining to the topic at hand.

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Considerations of biosimilars as a valuable asset to the health care system, the impact of the competition biosimilars have on biologics regarding price and rebates, and final thoughts.
A discussion on the pricing of biosimilars and factors that limit the cost-savings potential.
Common myths and misconceptions for biosimilars are explored.
The panel discusses patient awareness of biosimilar products and whether they provide supplemental patient education through patient information sheets.
Raising clinician awareness of using biosimilar products.
The scope of the clinical pharmacist is discussed in switching a patient over to a preferred biosimilar along with the role of specialty pharmacy.
A discussion on limiting the number of biosimilars available for the same product at an institution regarding inventory, fridge space, and safety.
The panel explores the appropriateness of switching from a biologic to a biosimilar through consideration of factors such as the curative vs noncurative setting, the EMR system, and patient education.
Considerations for certain patient factors when recommending a biosimilar over a biologic to treat a patient.
peer exchange
Marc Earl, PharmD, BCOP, and Tim Peterson, PharmD, BCOP, share their clinical experience with P&T committee decisions, the cost of switching, and the payor selection process for a patient.
Bhavesh Shah, RPh, BCOP, shares his clinical experience with oncology biosimilars and thoughts on changing from 1 agent to another.
The discrepancy between when the FDA approves a product vs when a product is available and insight into the next generation of biosimilars.