Public Health Matters: Seacrest Studios’ Impact on Children’s Hospitals and Healing Through Broadcasting


Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” for valuable insights into the intersection of entertainment, health care, and child advocacy, highlighting the importance of creating supportive and interactive environments for pediatric patients.

In this special episode of Public Health Matters, host Dr. Christina Madison interviews Mamie Shepherd, a program manager and advocate with the Ryan Seacrest Studios at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss the foundation's work in establishing Seacrest Studios in children's hospitals across the country and the impact of these studios on the well-being of young patients. Mamie Shepherd, Program Manager from Ryan Seacrest Studios at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN.

Check out the video here.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Special guest Mamie Shepherd’s college career and experience as an intern when Seacrest Studios began, and how the internship kickstarted her career with the organization.
  • The origin and mission of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and the Seacrest Studios, as well as the functionality and programming within children's hospitals.
  • The impact of entertainment and positive experiences on pediatric patients' healing process.
  • Collaboration with Win Win Charity and the role of entertainers in hospital programming, as well as the importance of child life specialists in pediatric healthcare.
  • Personal growth and lessons learned from working with pediatric patients, particularly the role of kindness and positivity in overcoming challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has “Seacrest Studios” in different children’s hospitals throughout the country. The Studios provide patients with entertainment, education, and therapeutic experiences through radio and TV programming, which contribute to the healing process of patients and help create happy memories during hospital stays.
  2. Seacrest Studios collaborates with the Win Win Charity by bringing entertainers into the studios’ programming. Win Win Charity also brings child life specialists, who play a vital role in preparing and supporting pediatric patients through medical procedures and hospitalization.
  3. Kindness and positivity are essential for both patients and healthcare professionals in overcoming challenges and fostering healing environments.

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You can find Mamie Shepherd here on LinkedIn and Instagram (@mamieshepherd).

You can find the Ryan Seacrest Foundation on their website and Instagram (@ryanfoundation), and more information on the Seacrest Studios on their website.

You can find Win Win Charity on their website and socials, including Instagram and Facebook (@winwincharity).

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