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Young man with a PrEP pill
Pharmacist Prescribing Helps Pave the Way to PrEP Access in Several States

January 11th 2024

Variations and conditions included in existing state bills, however, limit the effectiveness of this approach.

Health care worker administering vaccine
PrEPVacc HIV Vaccine Trial Halted Due to Potential Inefficacy, But Oral PrEP Regimens Continue

December 18th 2023

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) pills
Disparities Across European NEAT ID Centers Impact Implementation, Roll-Out of PrEP

December 13th 2023

Man taking oral PrEP
Removing Barriers That Limit Young Men at Risk for HIV Will Improve Access to PrEP

December 5th 2023

Pre-exposure prophylaxis oral tablets
Reduced Structural Stigma Against Sexual Minorities Is Associated With Greater Rates of Male PrEP Prescriptions

December 4th 2023

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