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Navigating Medication Safety During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Pharmacy Times spoke with Nancy Globus, PharmD, vice president of regulatory affairs at the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected medication safety concerns.
The Value of Specialty Pharmacy, Long-term Care Accreditation for Pharmacies
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Tim Safley, program director of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), and Jon Pritchett, program director of ACHC, on the value of specialty pharmacy and LTC accreditation for pharmacies.
The Benefits of Pursuing Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation for LTC Pharmacies
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Tim Safley and Jon Pritchett of ACHC on evaluating the opportunities for long-term care (LTC) pharmacies in relation to specialty pharmacy accreditation.
Pharmacists Need to Master Digital Channels, Managing Complex Diseases, Behavioral Health to Meet Future Demand
Pharmacy Times spoke with George Van Antwerp, MBA, managing director of Deloitte, about where he sees the pharmacy field going in the next 20 years.
Giant Pharmacies Make All Recommended Vaccinations Available to Customers
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Samir Balile, PharmD, on the safety measures Giant pharmacies are taking to protect patients and staff members upon reopening their doors, as well as the importance of the flu vaccine during COVID-19.
Pharmacy Quality Alliance Plans for New CEO, Future of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Times® spoke with Laura Cranston, RPh, CEO of Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA), about what is next for the organization after the recent announcement that Cranston is stepping down by the end of 2020.
The Value of a Pharmacist in LTC Health Care
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Tim Safley, MBA, the Program Director of Accreditation Commission for Health Care, on the value of a pharmacist in the LTC health care space.
student cafe
Student Café: Impact of COVID-19 on Pharmacy Education
Pharmacy students are asked: How has the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) impacted your education, and how well do you feel prepared for the future?
The Value of Technology in the Innovation of Patient Care in Specialty Pharmacy
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Cory Kidd, PhD, CEO and founder of Catalia Health, on the value of technology in innovating patient care in the field of specialty pharmacy.
Considerations for Pharmacogenomic Testing in the Pediatric Population for Behavioral Health Treatment
Kimberly Erlich, Nurse Practitioner, Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates & the Healthy Teen Project and Consulting Associate Faculty, Duke University School of Nursing, discusses considerations for pharmacogenomic testing in the pediatric population for behavioral health treatment.
Using Social Media to Advocate for the Pharmacy Profession
Pharmacy Times spoke with Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS, about how pharmacists can get involved on social media and use it to educate the public about the value of pharmacists.
The Value of the Accessibility of Pharmacists in Their Communities
Samir Balile, PharmD, the Clinical Pharmacy Program Manager of Giant Food, discusses the value of a pharmacist in their communities due to their accessibility when people need them most.