Public Health Matters - Episode 11

Pharmacy Focus: Public Health Matters- Using VaxiTaxi to Promote Better Public Health

VaxiTaxi is aimed to deliver immunity to the community, whether it is a high risk patient, busy family, or a needle shy/needlephobic.

This week's episode features Casey Villhauer, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer of VaxiTaxi, about this business venture and how the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced this idea to help eliminate barriers to patient care.

Casey Villhauer is a pharmacist whose work focuses on developing sustainable healthcare practices, eliminating barriers to patient care, and promoting public-private partnerships. Dr. Villhauer has been recognized for her leadership and disruptive thinking by the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, Pharmacy Times, Iowa Pharmacy Association, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, and GoodRx. Her vaccine distribution startup, Vaxi Taxi, has been highlighted by Fortune, USA Today, and the American Pharmacist Association. Dr. Villhauer is a member of various state and national organizations, including the Iowa Public Health Association, Pharmacy Association, Cancer Consortium, Immunization Coalition, and the American Pharmacist Association.