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Understanding Depression: Risk Factors and Evolving Treatments

June 13th 2024

At ASHP Pharmacy Futures 2024, Mei T. Liu, PharmD, BCPP, highlights the global prevalence and multifaceted nature of depression, its bidirectional relationship with medical conditions, and the need for diverse, evidence-based treatment options.

X-ray scan of brain -- Image credit: PIC4U |
Researchers Find Shared Multiomic Molecular Dysregulations in Brains With PTSD and MDD

June 5th 2024

People wearing masks during COIVD-19 pandemic -- Image credit: blvdone |
Patients Receiving Psychiatric Care May Be at Increased Risk of Pandemic-Related Stress, But Are Not at Increased Risk of Believing in Conspiracy Theories

May 22nd 2024

Woman struggling with insomnia -- Image credit: pitipat |
Study Results Find Mood and Sleep Disorders Negatively Impact Asthma Control

May 20th 2024

CVS Health billboard -- Image credit: monticellllo |
CVS Health Survey Reports Increases in Mental Health Concerns Since 2020

May 12th 2024

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