Pharmacytimes offers continuing education (CE) courses, career guidance for pharmacy students, online-only articles, digital versions of the print issue, and more, that are essential to pharmacists en-us Thu, 25 Apr 19 21:58:46 +0000 Thu, 25 Apr 19 21:58:46 +0000 ASHP Joins National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Countering the US Opioid Epidemic The mission of the Action Collaborative is to convene and catalyze public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders to develop, curate, and disseminate multisector solutions designed to reduce opioid misuse and improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities affected by the opioid crisis. &nbsp; Thu, 25 Apr 19 19:50:00 +0000 Investigational Drug for Emergency Treatment of Opioid Overdose Receives FDA's Competitive Generic Therapy Designation According to Purdue Pharma, Nalmefene HCl has a longer duration of action than naloxone, another opioid antagonist currently approved for emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose. Thu, 25 Apr 19 13:00:00 +0000 FDA Approves New Therapy for Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis In clinical trials, AbbVie&#39;s risankizumab-rzaa produced high rates of durable skin clearance &ndash; most people (82 and 81%) treated with the drug achieved 90% skin clearance (PASI 90) at 1 year, with the majority (56 and 60%) achieving complete skin clearance (PASI 100). Wed, 24 Apr 19 13:00:00 +0000 Pharmacy Course Addresses Specific Challenges of Transgender Community Some patients reportedly opt not to seek medical care, because of a lack of empathy and understanding care providers about their needs. Tue, 23 Apr 19 12:00:00 +0000 FDA Approves Pembrolizumab Combo Therapy for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Pembrolizumab (Keytruda, Merck) has received FDA approval as a first-line treatment in combination with axitinib (Inlyta) for patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), making it the first indication for pembrolizumab in this patient population. Mon, 22 Apr 19 14:37:00 +0000 FDA Grants Final Approval for First Generic Naloxone Nasal Spray This approval marks the first generic naloxone nasal spray for use in a community setting by an individual without medical training.<br /> &nbsp; Fri, 19 Apr 19 19:06:00 +0000 Properly Disposing of Unused Medications Spring cleaning brings the opportunity to clean out unused and unwanted medicines that collect over time, just like old clothes from the closet or old food from the fridge. Fri, 19 Apr 19 17:00:00 +0000 Pharmacy Times Wants Your Opinions Those who qualify and complete our survey are eligible to enter our drawing in which 1 lucky winner will receive a $250 American Express gift card. Thu, 18 Apr 19 12:00:00 +0000 FDA OKs Prescription Weight Management Therapy Officials with the US Food and Drug Administration have approved a therapy designed to provide weight management aid to overweight adults. Mon, 15 Apr 19 18:00:00 +0000 Canagliflozin Reduced Risk of Renal Failure and Death 30% in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes, CKD in Study If this new indication is approved, Invokana&reg; would be the first diabetes medication to treat both T2D and CKD. Mon, 15 Apr 19 08:55:00 +0000 First Targeted Therapy for Metastatic Bladder Cancer Receives FDA Approval Bladder cancers are associated with genetic mutations that are present in the patient&#39;s bladder or entire the lining of the lower urinary tract. Fri, 12 Apr 19 19:47:00 +0000 FDA Approves Expanded Keytruda Monotherapy Label for First-Line NSCLC The expanded first-line indication makes pembrolizumab (Keytruda) monotherapy an option for more patients with non-small cell lung cancer.&nbsp; Fri, 12 Apr 19 10:00:00 +0000 ASHP Match Ends with Over 5000 Placements in Pharmacy Residency Programs Across the United States, 5090 individuals were matched to approximately 2500 pharmacy residency programs. Thu, 11 Apr 19 15:00:00 +0000 New Online Tool Aims to Prepare Pharmacy Technicians for In-Demand Jobs The digital solution is designed to help build foundational knowledge and skills, while assessing users&#39; areas of strength and areas of needed focus. Wed, 10 Apr 19 19:11:00 +0000 American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance Names Pharmacy Times the Industry News Provider of the Year The APPA industry awards each year recognize outstanding performances in the pharmactical industry, lauding both companies and individuals for their innovation, dedication and best-in-class service. Wed, 10 Apr 19 14:31:00 +0000 Senate Hearing on Drug Pricing Focuses on Pharmacy Benefit Managers The hearing, &ldquo;Drug Pricing in America: A Prescription for Change, Part III,&rdquo; gave PBMs a chance to testify about the issue and provide insight into what the role entails. Tue, 09 Apr 19 19:36:00 +0000 Pharmacies Need to Solve Workforce Shortages A shortage of pharmacy technicians affects both hospitals and retail pharmacies and requires employers to focus on building a pipeline of job candidates who possess the skills they need. Tue, 09 Apr 19 14:58:00 +0000 Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards Will Celebrate Outstanding Pharmacy Professionals The Next-Generation Pharmacist&reg; Awards program recognizes pioneers, innovators and future leaders in the pharmacy industry. Pharmacist nominations represent chain, independent and specialty pharmacies; government and academic institutions; long-term care facilities; and health-system pharmacists. Tue, 09 Apr 19 12:00:00 +0000 Ready-to-Infuse Therapy Available for Patients with Certain Cancers Sun Pharma&#39;s gemcitabine in sodium chloride injection is the first and only chemotherapy product in a premixed, ready-to-infuse formulation, which&nbsp;eliminates steps in the complex chemotherapy preparation process. Mon, 08 Apr 19 14:03:00 +0000 FDA to Companies: Stop Making Liquid Nicotine Products that Resemble Cough Syrup If these products were confused, it coul result in someone ingesting &quot;could result in ingesting toxic amounts of liquid nicotine. Likewise, nicotine exposures of these sorts are extremely problematic and could be fatal for children.&quot; Mon, 08 Apr 19 05:32:00 +0000 FDA Expands Indication of Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment to Include Male Patients The indication&rsquo;s expansion for palbociclib to include male patients is based upon data from postmarketing reports and electronic health records showing that the safety profile for men treated with the drug is consistent with the safety profile in women treated with this medication. Thu, 04 Apr 19 19:36:00 +0000 AMCP Foundation Awards Pharmacy & Therapeutics Competition Winners By participating in the P&amp;T Competition, student pharmacists gain experience in gathering and critically analyzing scientific, clinical, and economic evidence in a systematic and rigorous fashion, according to the foundation. Thu, 04 Apr 19 14:57:00 +0000 FDA: Risk of Seizure May Be Linked to E-Cigarette Use Voluntary reports indicate that some individuals, especially youth and young adults, are experiencing seizures or convulsions following use of e-cigarettes, although a definitive link has not been established. Wed, 03 Apr 19 14:49:00 +0000 Websites Offering Sale of Opioids are Targets of FDA Warning Letters The warning letters issued to&nbsp;;and&nbsp;;request that these enterprises immediately cease offering violative drugs for sale to consumers in the United States. Tue, 02 Apr 19 21:23:00 +0000 Novel Intravenous Immune Globulin Receives FDA Approval Immune Globulin Intravenous, Human &ndash; slra 10% Liquid (Asceniv) is indicated for use in the treatment of primary humoral immunodeficiency disease in adults and adolescents. Tue, 02 Apr 19 17:03:00 +0000