At the beginning of the study, participants completed a questionnaire about how often they took part in 5 types of mentally stimulating activities during middle-age, between the age of 50 and 65 years, or the age of 66 and older.
Regardless of the channel through which a specialty medication is billed and filled, management strategies will be an essential cornerstone to controlling costs.
According to a recent analysis published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, Black individuals are twice as likely as White individuals to test positive for COVID-19.
According to new research published in Clinical and Translational Immunology, a new cancer vaccine is ready for human trials following its success in preclinical studies.
Regular testing for hepatitis C virus has proven more effective than targeted testing.

What was the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) originally called?
Alarm Clock
Insufficient sleep can have negative emotional effects in young children. 

Ensuring equitable distribution of remdesivir in virus hot spots can help increase the capacity of intensive care unites. 

The partnership with VillageMD will open 500 to 700 “Village Medical at Walgreens” physician-led primary care clinics in more than 30 US markets in the next 5 years.
The conference will take place virtually in conjunction with the eighth NASP Annual Meeting & Expo Virtual Experience.
According to an online survey of more than 53,000 Americans using PPIs, once or twice daily use significantly increases the likelihood of a positive test for COVID-19.
Results were announced at the virtual 23rd International AIDS Conference.
Probiotic therapy either with prebiotics or by itself may ease depression, according to a review of the data recently published in BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health.