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The panel of experts review the monitoring parameters for determining efficacy of DOACs.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Brian Nightengale, RPh, PhD, president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, on the value of diversifying a pharmacy’s business to meet the needs of the customer and adapt to the immediate needs of the community, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pharmacy Times® spoke with Jenine Abuzir, PharmD candidate at Chicago College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University, about her experience teaching in the Women’s Health elective during pharmacy school.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Nancy Lyons, BSPharm, MBA, CDE, of Health Mart and Pete Slone of McKesson on why provider status for pharmacists is important to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Anne Marie Kondic, PharmD, the executive director of the Community Pharmacy Foundation, on the grant opportunities on the horizon that support the practice of pharmacy in the community setting.
Experts discuss the recommendation in monitoring when using DOACs.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Ramzi Yacoub, chief pharmacy officer at SingleCare, on how data from SingleCare has shown an intense surge in demand for the flu vaccine this year.
Pharmacy Times® interviewed Keri Donaldson, medical director and CEO of Prescient Medicine, about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the opioid epidemic in the United States.
The panel of experts in cardiology discuss the barriers with treatment of obese patients with DOACs. They also discuss the importance of education of their peers.
Students at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy answered the question “How has the pandemic impacted your summer internship/residency (or other pharmacy work)?”  
In an interview with Pharmacy Times, National Community Pharmacists Association CEO B. Douglas Hoey, BSPharm, said he’s optimistic about having a vaccine for COVID-19 by the end of the year.