Public Health Matters - Women Empowerment and Cosmetic Products


Christina Madison is joined by Joy Hoover, founder of Esōes Cosmetics, where they discuss empowering women and cosmetics.

On this episode of Public Health Matters, Christina Madison is joined by Joy Hoover, founder of Esōes Cosmetics, where they discuss empowering women and cosmetics.

Joy Hoover is an executive leader and organizational development authority known as a thought partner, consultant, and speaker, digitally, on-air and in-person. As a safety activist for the last 13 years, Joy has been a tireless champion for social justice driving systemic change by creating access to essential holistic resources and spaces of belonging. Joy has demonstrated abilities building collective movements across all sectors to empower people who are often marginalized and underserved. Continually striving towards an equitable future through strategic fundraising, innovative problem solving, relationship management, and nationwide collaboration.

Equipped with 17 years of marriage, 15 years of entrepreneurship, and 11 years of therapy, Joy and her husband Phil (and their fierce little ladies Vivian and Ruby) are currently fulfilling that mission through their latest social enterprise 'Esōes Cosmetics'. Esōes is the first-ever personal safety smart cosmetics which include patent issued products that will be on the market within the next few weeks!

Joy is also the founder & driving force behind three nationally renown startups and recently won Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2022 Iconic Women of Distinction Awards! She has been featured in hundreds of print and media articles globally including: NPR, LA Times, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Vice, Cosmetics Design, The Street, and dozens of local and regional news outlets.

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