Use of PARP Inhibitors in Breast Cancer: Implications for Pharmacy Practice

August 30th 2022

About 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Overall mortality for breast cancer has decreased over the years with the addition of complex treatment, such as PARP inhibitors. The webcast discusses this class of medications and see how they fit into the treatment paradigm for breast cancer.

Pharmacist-Provided Immunizations and Updates on COVID-19 Vaccines and Recommendations

July 14th 2022

An expert panel of pharmacists navigate updates, barriers inhibiting compliance, and strategies to combat misinformation surrounding vaccines.

Helping Manage the Cost of Cancer with a Patient Lens: Opportunities for Pharmacists

July 1st 2022

This webcast discusses opportunities for pharmacists to address the cost of cancer care and enable improved access and outcomes for patients. During the webcast, a panel of experts discusses how pharmacists can help minimize costs associated with cancer therapy, including treatment and clinical practice considerations, as well as more direct financial support that can help ensure access to effective therapies for patients.

Managing Allergic Rhinitis in Special Populations, A Holistic Approach

June 1st 2022

A panel of experts discuss allergic rhinitis and important counseling points and tactics. They review the current standard of care and identify specific treatment considerations for children, women, elderly, and others.

Breast Cancer Treatment Updates

May 19th 2022

Experts discuss the role of pharmacists in improving screening rates for breast cancer, how they can support patients, and improve outcomes.

Impact of Long-Acting HIV Prevention Drugs

April 1st 2022

A panel of experts discuss the role of PrEP in HIV prevention with a focus on current and newly approved options.

Oral Oncolytics in the COVID-19 Era

February 25th 2022

COVID-19 Expectations on the Roll-out of Booster Shots

December 23rd 2021

A panel of experts provides a thorough discussion on COVID-19 booster shots, including eligibility and safety considerations.

Webcast: The Future of Psychedelic Medicine, the Role of the Pharmacy

December 17th 2021

Webcast: Ketamine Therapy and the Pharmacist

October 21st 2021