Public Health Matters: Generative AI and the Future of Pharmacy


Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” to hear Dr. Bolu Oladini’s unconventional journey within pharmacy, his passion for mental health, and how artificial intelligence is beginning to be integrated into health care and everyday life.

Ket Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Bolu Oladini’s journey within pharmacy and how he has built his career with help from his passions.
  • The role of medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry, and other areas of health care.
  • Dr. Oladini highlights different examples of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as how users can familiarize themselves and use it for efficiency.
  • Dr. Christina Madison and Dr. Oladini share their experiences with AI and their predictions on what it can mean for the future of pharmacy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Non-Traditional Career Paths: Dr. Bolu Oladini emphasizes the importance of pharmacists exploring non-traditional roles, rather than confining themselves to conventional pharmacy roles. He discusses his journey to further describe how individuals can use their personal interests and skills to help open or forge unique career opportunities.
  2. The Role of Medical Affairs: Medical affairs involve communicating complex medical and product data to various stakeholders, including health care providers, patients, and regulators. This space is about ensuring that scientific data is accurately conveyed and that patient interests are prioritized, often serving as a balance to marketing efforts.
  3. The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy: AI, notably generative AI, is set to revolutionize various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, from automating repetitive tasks in pharmacies to aiding in drug discovery and enhancing medical content creation. The episode highlights the importance of staying curious and experimental with AI to fully realize its potential in improving healthcare outcomes.

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You can preorder Dr. Bolu Oladini’s book here. He can be found on the following social media platforms:

You can check out the following discussed AI platforms:

  1. ChatGPT: 
  2. Claude:
  3. Gemini:
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