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Report: Physicians Overconfident in Recognizing, Treating Prescription Medication Misuse
A new Health Trends study released by Quest Diagnostics has highlighted many physicians' overconfidence in their ability to identify and treat substance misuse, as well as concerns that the drug gabapentin is increasingly being misused.
Companies Settle Opioid-Related Litigation with 2 Ohio Counties
Johnson & Johnson and its Janssen Pharmaceutical Cos unit have agreed to a more than $10 million settlement, rather than allowing the matter go to federal trial.
OTC Focus Case Studies: Pain
OTC case studies for headache treatment during pregnancy and lower-back pain remedies.
What Are the Options for Treating Pain?
Pharmacists can help patients by recommending the most effective and safest therapies.
Education, Law Enforcement, and Treatment Programs Are Key
All 3 are essential in the fight against the opioid crisis, but they need to forge alliances and work together.
Intravenous Lidocaine Can Treat Acute Pain
Analgesic Alternatives May Help Reduce Unnecessary Exposure to Opioid Medications 
Pharmacists Can Provide Optimal Migraine Treatments
Calcitonin gene-related peptide inhibitors are integral to preventing these powerful headaches.
Topical Analgesics Provide Pain Relief
Because of potential adverse reactions, careful product selection for both acute injuries and chronic conditions is key.
Case Studies (September 2019)
This month's case studies include a potential drug-related problem and a possible overdose.
OTC Transdermal Analgesic Patches Can Relieve Pain
Pharmacists can guide patients in the appropriate and safe use of these products and direct them to seek medical care when warranted.
Pharmacists Can Help Alleviate Pain
Brown bagging is an essential educational and safety tool for patients who are suffering.
Patients With Pain Benefit From a Multimodal Approach
This method may optimize pain control and could be an answer to the opioid crisis.
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