Pharmacy Focus: Technician Edition With NHA - Episode 1

Pharmacy Focus: Technician Edition With NHA - Technician Perceptions of Patients With Opioid Use Disorder

On the first episode, Jeremy Sasser and Jessica Langley-Loep, from the National Healthcareer Association, discuss pharmacy technician's perceptions of patients who may have opioid use disorder.

In this first episode of “Pharmacy Focus: Technician Edition,” hosts Jeremy Sasser and Jessica Langley-Loep from the National Healthcareer Association welcome guests Dr. James Wheeler, PharmD from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy and Dr. Mark Garofoli from the University of West Virginia to discuss a recently published paper entitled “Pharmacy Technicians, Stigma and Compassion Fatigue: Front-Line Perspectives of Pharmacy and the US Opioid Epidemic.” Published in the open source journal “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public health,” this paper explores the perceptions pharmacy technicians hold regarding patients with possible Opioid Use Disorder and how that affects the level of care they provide.