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Patient with asthma undergoing allergen skin testing -- Image credit: Microgen |
Study Finds Asthma Severity is Not Associated With Reactivity to Allergen Skin Testing

June 18th 2024

The findings also show that skin testing positivity for perennial allergens was higher in patients with childhood-onset asthma compared with those with adult-onset asthma.

Pharmacy, Over The Counter, OTC | Image Credit: Gorodenkoff -
OTC Market Grows Alongside Consumer Preferences

June 18th 2024

Pneumococcal vaccine | Image Credit: Iryna -
FDA Approves V116 for Prevention of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease and Pneumonia

June 18th 2024

Medical Diagnosis: Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis - Close-up Illustration of Fungal Infection in 8K created with generative ai technology - Image credit: Digital Vision Lab |
Ensure Patients Properly Use Topical Antifungal Agents

June 18th 2024

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