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Study: Substantial Deficiencies in Capture of Cognitive Safety in Drug Trials

December 4th 2023

Despite nearly one-third of reversible dementia cases being drug induced, cognitive safety is a neglected aspect of clinical trials.

Woman with Migraine | Image Credit: Andrey Popov
Migraine Medication Could Be More Effective Than Ibuprofen for Treatment of Attacks

December 4th 2023

Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue - Image credit: Subbotina Anna |
Survey Finds Individuals Worried About Infection During Upcoming "Tripledemic"

December 4th 2023

Medicine tablets on counting tray with counting spatula at pharmacy | Image Credit: sutlafk
Medicare Part D Claims Have Increased, But 340B Prescriptions Increased Faster

December 4th 2023

Female doctor measuring blood pressure of male patient in hospital | Image Credit: Pixel-Shot -
Pharmacist-Prescribing Intervention Leads to Cost-Effective Savings in Blood Pressure Care

December 4th 2023

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