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Medical error text on a paper with pills and stethoscope on table - Image credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya |
Pharmacy Technicians Play Key Role in Avoiding Medication Errors

February 16th 2024

Taking a few seconds to double-check a prescription can have significant impacts on patient safety

lack of medicines. ended with pills, drugs, masks. shortage of drugs in the hospital. Medical concept - Image credit: Natali |
72% of Pharmacy Technicians Surveyed Report Workflow Affected by Drug Shortages

January 30th 2024

Onboarding new staff member and company work training tiny person concept. Employee career ladders and job guide or task explanation steps vector illustration. Manager qualification or growth process.
Standardized Onboarding Reduces Turnover of Pharmacy Technicians

January 19th 2024

Pharmacy technician helping around pharmacy | Image Credit: auremar -
Top 5 Pharmacy Times Pharmacy Technician Articles of 2023

December 25th 2023

Serious thoughtful medical colleagues using digital tablet while viewing report together and discussing results standing by oxygen cylinders in laboratory - Image credit: Seventyfour |
Technicians Can Help With Sterile Compounding

December 22nd 2023

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