Mansi Patel, OMS-II


Considerations for RSV Prevention in Special Patient Populations

Older adults, patients with weakened immune systems, individuals living in long-term facilities, and those with underlying cardiopulmonary disease are at a higher risk of developing severe RSV infection outcomes.

Krysta Larson, PharmD


Doxycycline for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis of Sexually Transmitted Infections

In addition to growing rates of STIs, there is concern for antimicrobial resistance to STIs.

Miriam Haddad, PharmD


Pharmacists Play a Crucial Role When Addressing Health Literacy

Providers who are sensitive to health literacy have contributed to positive quality improvement across various institutions.

Hovsep Kirikian


From Shortages to Solutions: Enhancing Drug Manufacturing Through Innovation

Technology and regulations can revolutionize drug manufacturing and ensure a stable supply of medications.

Verona Abdelmeseh, PharmD


Overview of PARP Inhibitors in the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

There are 3 PARP inhibitors that are FDA approved in multiple settings of ovarian cancer.

Rachel Cormier


PQA Annual Meeting: Quality Emerges from the Pandemic, Focused on Access and Equity

Open to all health care professionals, the PQA meeting is a top forum for learning best practices and emerging trends in medication services, pharmacist-provided care and quality improvement initiatives.

Shannon Reidt, PharmD, MPH, MS


Team-Based Care: How Pharmacists Can Expand Patient Access to Health Care

However, comprehensive policy and payment structures are needed to ensure care sustainability.

Carlie Traylor, PharmD


NCPA Fellowship Allows Pharmacists to Choose Their Own Adventure

Fellows tap into a network of experts, their practice sites, and countless tools they can apply immediately.

Jude Sammani, PharmD Candidate


Therapeutic Drug Monitoring May Be Future of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management

Therapeutic drug monitoring is a growing and vital area for pharmacists to become involved in to increase patient success with inflammatory bowel disease remission.

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute


FCS Co-authored Study Confirms Effectiveness of Trilaciclib for Treatment of Patients with Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

Trilaciclib is the first FDA-approved therapy in its class to help protect bone marrow cells from damage caused by chemotherapy.

Ahmed Abdelmageed, PharmD


Why Choose a Career in Community Pharmacy?

It’s imperative to redefine the future of pharmacy to help ensure a robust pipeline of future pharmacists and create a culture that helps ensure pharmacists live their purpose and passion.

Stephanie Schafer, PharmD Candidate


Weigh To Go! American Gastroenterological Association Weight Loss Management Guidelines and Updates

Available pharmacological therapies have shown high efficacy in achieving weight loss.

Anna Paci


Five Signs Your Pharmacy May Be Experiencing Burnout

There are common symptoms experienced in the workplace that may be linked to hormones instead of stress.

Geri Buderwitz, PharmD, MBA


The Invaluable Role a Clinical Pharmacist Brings to an Ambulatory Care Setting

Yet, physicians and advanced practice practitioners may have a limited understanding of the scope of an ambulatory pharmacy clinic and the value a clinical pharmacist can provide.

Jason Ausili, PharmD


Pharmacy Interoperability Challenges and Needs Under the 21st Century Cures Act

While progress is being made to advance the Cures Act, it is essential to ensure pharmacy interoperability given pharmacy’s critical role in health care.

Adam Rosenberg


Trends in Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Since the Start of the Pandemic

New research finds that mental health has replaced COVID-19 as the top health concern among Americans, but deeper analysis needs to be done into whether depression and anxiety are truly becoming more widespread.

Lanam Millican, PharmD Candidate


Managing Recurrent C difficile Infections: Past, Present, and Future

Since 2000, as the number of CDIs has surged, morbidity and mortality also have increased.

Laura Ferguson


Transforming Medication Safety into a Value-Driver

Advanced technology can automate many pharmacovigilance tasks to build workflow efficiencies, reduce manual intervention, and free up team members for more strategic activities.

Anna Pozdnyakova, PharmD Candidate


Patient and Provider Safety is at the Core of Mass COVID-19 Immunization Effort

As new variants of the virus come to rise, it is crucial to continue to address the safety concerns with mass COVID-19 immunizations during the pandemic as well as provide solutions to reduce the exposure and spread of the virus.

Sarder Sadid, PharmD


Alternative Funding Programs Affect Our Most Vulnerable Patient Populations

AFPs limit access to provider-prescribed specialty medications.

Michael Morgan


Managing Vaccines and COVID-19 Testing With Paperless Technology

COVID-19 has increased the demand for new, safer curbside conveniences and the health care industry—including the pharmacy—has transformed rapidly to meet patient needs and prioritize safety as a result of the pandemic.

Donna Breese, PharmD


Educational Opportunities Exist for the Pharmaceutical Care of Animals

Interested individuals may gain certification or continuing-education credits, many of which are available through the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, MDE, FAAHPM


Pharmacists Participating in Advanced Pain Management Modalities for Refractory Pain

Patient selection is a key factor in the safe and effective administration of advanced pain management modalities.

Earl B Ettienne, BScPharm, MBA, LPD


The European Medicines Agency: A Modern Robin Hood?

Many studies with a stated goal of advancing child health care in administratively-defined minors have no clinical value and may even harm young patients.

Sara Jo Santangelo


340B Assists Patients and Institutions

How much does this federal program affect the success of the health care parties involved?

Sheetal Nariani


How the Corporate World, Government Worked Together to Deliver a Solution to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The alliance between pharmaceutical partners and government organizations signals the possibilities of shared resources in meeting global crises.

Andrea Bush, PharmD, AAHIVP


A Guide to Administering Influenza Vaccines in Special Populations: Focus on Patients Who Are Immunocompromised

Expanding pharmacist–patient care services to include vaccine promotion and administration within ambulatory clinics is an example of the expanding role of pharmacists and their contribution to primary care practice.

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