Elizabeth H. Bernauer


Telehealth Proves of Great Value During COVID-19

But state-to-state communications and inconsistencies related to licensing present legal issues.

Kennedy Schaal


AI in Biomedical Research Is Revolutionizing Drug Development, Clinical Innovation

AI is expected to significantly quicken the pace of drug design and development, while improving the success rate of new medicines.

Tracey James, RPh


Planning for the New Year in Specialty Pharmacy: Tips to Help Patients Get Hassle-Free Refills

In specialty pharmacy, many patients take steps to manage their prescription benefits before the new year.

Dat Ngo, PharmD


The Impact of USP 797, USP 800 on Compounding Pharmacies

USP 800 was a necessary step to maximize safety, but it also recommended many institutions reevaluate their facilities, equipment, processes, and staffing capacity, potentially costing millions of dollars.

Stephen Rayborn, PharmD Candidate


Equal but Not the Same—2021 Update on Influenza Vaccines

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts continue, it is more important than ever for pharmacists to be equipped with the knowledge and resources to bust the myths surrounding vaccinations, particularly in preparation for the upcoming influenza season, which is expected to occur from October 2021 to May 2022.

Harsha Rajasimha, MD


Global Patient Registries Can Advance Opportunities for Rare Disease Research

Collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst rare disease researchers can be difficult, as these researchers are often spread out throughout the world.

Samantha Gorski


Research Examines Disparities in Mental Health Care for Some Gender Identities

One significant difference was an increased rate of bupropion prescriptions for transgender females.

Charles E. Libby, RPh, MS


Oncology Overview: Idelalisib in Blood Cancers

Approved indications for idelalisib include relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocytic lymphoma, and follicular B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

William Schimmel


Pharmacy Technicians Are Vital to Long-term Vaccination Expansion

As the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and PREP Act Expansions end, the ability of technicians to immunize patients in the future remains unclear.

Jeff Trinkl, MD


Study: Guillain-Barré Five Times More Likely in Unvaccinated COVID-19-Positive Patients Than Vaccinated Patients

Patients can sometimes develop Guillain-Barre syndrome after having a recent respiratory illness or digestive tract infection and, in rare cases, after receiving certain vaccines.

Katelyn M. Skeeters, PharmD Candidate


Minnesota Fights Back Against Rising Insulin Costs

Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act provides citizens with a long-term solution to diabetes expenditures.

Brandon Salke, PharmD


Help Optimize Care for Orphan, Rare Lung Diseases Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The value of a patient-first approach and telehealth for addressing the complex health coordination needs of those with these pulmonary conditions has never been more critical.

George T. Abdallah, PharmD, BCCCP, BCCP


Drug Sequestration in the Management of Patients with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support

Dosing recommendations for patients requiring ECMO support are unlikely to be supported by high-quality evidence, but are usually extrapolated from the physicochemical characteristics of individual drugs in conjunction with data from pharmacokinetic studies and case reports.

Madison Como, PharmD, BCPS


Tips to Finding Balance: Being a Well-Rounded Student Pharmacist

From countless hours of studying to participating in pharmacy organizations to volunteering in the community, it’s no surprise that student pharmacists often struggle to find balance as a well-rounded student.

Alok Sharma, PhD


Eliminating Hepatitis C Virus Infections in Individuals who Inject Drugs: A Novel Model of Community Pharmacy Care

In this model, community pharmacists deliver all aspects of treating HCV infection in individuals who inject drugs.

Nicholas Leon, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, FCPP


New Curricular Framework Aims to Prepare, Inspire the Next Generation of Community Pharmacy Leaders

The framework includes 6 domains designed to immediately empower students in community pharmacies.

Michael Neely, MD


How Precision Dosing Technology Helps Prevent Adverse Events

Precision dosing technology uses multiple patient-specific factors to individualize medication doses, helping clinicians reduce medication errors that lead to adverse events.

Michael McDermott, PharmD


The Role of Daridorexant in the Treatment of Insomnia

Although pharmacotherapy is considered for the treatment of insomnia, medication should not be the sole treatment for individuals diagnosed with insomnia.

Alana Hippensteele, Managing Editor


Patients With CLL Present Heterogeneously

Certain patients may present asymptomatically, affecting treatment options.

Anne Lin, PharmD, BCPS


Ousting the Pain: Migraine in University Students

Students may be hesitant to discuss migraines, which can lead to absences, difficulties in personal life, financial burdens, and poor mental health.

Morgan Anderson, PharmD, BCIDP


Shorter Course of Treatment for CAP in Children Demonstrates Success

Pediatric guidelines suggest 10 days of therapy for community-acquired pneumonia, but recent data support shortening therapy duration.

Maria K. Shockley, BS


How Does the EUA for the COVID-19 Vaccines Work?

FDA approvals of vaccines usually take 10 to 15 years, but the pandemic necessitates emergency action.

Cori Hawkins, PharmD


Supporting Medication Adherence With Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative conversation style that can empower patients to stay the course and achieve better outcomes.

Ashley R. Walker, PharmD


Pharmacy Schools Can Break Down Barriers Between Pharmacists, Deaf Community

Most pharmacists and technicians are unaware of resources that aid in communication.

Amy H. Seung, PharmD, BCOP, FHOPA, CHCP


Oncology Pharmacists Bring Value and Contribute to Cancer Care

Oncology pharmacists are as diverse as the cancers they manage and have key roles in the following areas of the cancer care continuum.

Biao He, PhD


From Setbacks to Solutions: Pioneering Safe RSV Vaccines for Infants, Children

With respiratory syncytial virus vaccine development for infants and children proceeding slowly, therapeutic developers have focused on passive immunity

Lee Ann Waldron


The Challenges in Launching Alaska's First Pharmacy School

A shortage of pharmacists led to a call for pharmacy education in Alaska that echoed across the state.

Richa Tamakuwala, PharmD, BCPS


SGLT2 Inhibitors Are Underutilized for Inpatient Heart Failure Treatment

Cardioprotective antihyperglycemic agents are underutilized for inpatient care in heart failure patients. Lack of use can lead to preventable patient deaths and hospital readmissions.

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