Robert W. Maltby


Explore Ovarian Cancer Treatments Through Clinical Trials

Guidelines typically recommend debulking surgery, plus systemic chemotherapy for most patients.

Michelle Phillips, PharmD, BCOP


Brown Bag Consult®: A Patient With Colorectal Cancer Seeks Counsel From a Pharmacist

The patient's list of medications reveals significant drug interactions to be addressed.

Jennie Reese, PharmD Candidate 2023


Commonly Overlooked Adverse Effects in the Community, Clinical Pharmacy Settings

Although pharmacists possess a wealth of knowledge on AEs, it remains a monumental task to recall the clinical significance of every AE, even with the most commonly used medications.

Christian Olsen


Who is Using FAIR Data in Life Sciences R&D Today?

The importance of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability has become even more significant to academics as government agencies increasingly require data openness and accessibility for funding eligibility.

Frances M. Colón-Pratts, PharmD, CDCES


Improving Vaccination Rates Among Adults and Young Adults

Myths, fears, distrust, and misinformation on immunizations can keep patients from benefiting from their protective effects.

Ada Griffin, PharmD Candidate


Melanoma Armamentarium Progresses Toward Precision Therapy

Novel drug development has been focused on the augmentation of the T-lymphocyte response.

Matthew Gavidia


Expert: Burnout in Oncology Pharmacy May Be a Result of Issues Relating to Onboarding, Training of New Employees

Elizabeth Spurlock, MA, PHR, director of HR Business Partner at Texas Oncology, discusses how burnout among physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators has impacted the role of the pharmacist in patient care.

Andrew Skinner, MD


Key Takeaways on FMTs in the Treatment of CDI

Experts provide practice pearls for educating patients on and using FMTs for the management of CDI.

Andrew Straw, PharmD, BCADM


Student Advocacy and Its Impact on Tobacco Cessation Programs

Because pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care providers, we are trained in medication selection and in how to counsel patients who wish to stop smoking.

Dena Homayounieh, PharmD, MSc


Case Study: Insulin Sensitizers as Enhancers in Diabetes Management

The objective of this study is to evaluate the use of low-dose pioglitazone, without relying on high doses of insulin, by enhancing sensitivity as a suitable, cost-effective strategy compared to larger insulin doses in patients with limited access to care.

Paul Feuerstadt, MD, FACG, AGAF


Advice for Physicians to Manage C. Difficile Infection (CDI)

Experts share advice for physicians taking care of patients with C. difficile infection (CDI).

David Webster, MSBA, BPharm


Regulations Guiding Sterile Compounding Are Complex

Understanding the categories is key to evaluating and making decisions about outsourcing products or improving internal production standards.

Sue Ojageer, PharmD


Color a Career: Pharmacy Coloring Book Features Traditional, Nontraditional Roles

Coloring can be a form of mindfulness and promotes relaxation and reduces stress, which is particularly valuable in the fast-paced world of health care.

Ryan W. Stevens, PharmD, BCIDP (SIDP)


Outpatient ASPs Are Worth the Journey

Developing an antimicrobial stewardship program is arduous but valuable; commitment from leadership is the first step.

Corey Medler, PharmD


Improve Care for Patients With Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Empiric anti-MRSA therapy is an area of opportunity for antimicrobial stewardship in the treatment of CAP.

Pranav Patel, PharmD, MS


A Primer for Medical Specialty Drug Utilization Management Strategies

Case management programs or pharmacist-delivered high-touch care are critical components in medical specialty drug management.

Meina Determan, PharmD Candidate


Menstrual Migraines: Overview, Treatment, and Prevention

Pharmacists play a key role in migraine management, therefore, awareness of menstrual migraine-specific prophylaxis is important.

Christopher Svetcov, PharmD


Vax-Innovation: Incorporating the Newly Approved RSV and Pneumococcal Vaccines Into Community Pharmacy Workflow

Best practices to train staff and team members to engage patients and to ease the new vaccine offerings into the workflow are also discussed.

Jeremiah Moore, PharmD, BCOP


Multiple Myeloma Therapy Often Causes Cardiovascular Complications

Many patients have baseline risk factors present at diagnosis because of older age and disease-related elements.

Jose Tinajero, PharmD, BCOP


Novel Drug Combinations in Precision Medicine Are an Emerging Landscape for Pharmacists

A single-center experience at a tertiary medical center precision medicine clinic provides insight.

Jennifer Goldman, PharmD, CDES, BC-ADM, FCCP


Basal Insulin Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes Management: What the Pharmacist Should Know

Guidance on the use of basal insulins (BI) and insulin pens to enable pharmacists to answer questions regarding the safe and effective use of BI for the management of diabetes.

Erin Venable


NHA Helping Pharmacy Technicians With Soft Skills; No Longer a Tall Order

From certified medical assistants to phlebotomy technicians, the need for positive patient-provider interactions has proven critical both in achieving high patient satisfaction rates and improving patient experience.

Mohd Shah Rezan bin Hamzah, RPh, BPharm (Hons), MPharm


The Significance of Community Pharmacies' Services Beyond Dispensing Separation

Pharmacists in community-based settings are now capable of developing innovative pharmacy practices and offering patient care services.

Noni Theocharides, PharmD Candidate


Physical Activity Positively Impacts Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety

Modern society has put individuals at an increased risk of dopamine overload, causing an increase in mental health disorders.

Alexandrina Balanean, MPh


Augmented Intelligence Can Help Reduce Unplanned Hospital Admissions, Supporting the Enhancing Oncology Model

Even with technological advancements, provider involvement and oversight remain essential.

Ivelisse Mayedo, PharmD Candidate


Changing the Game: Pharmacy Students' Perspective on Naloxone OTC Approval

To eliminate the existing stigma in the community, addiction must be recognized as a treatable condition rather than an immoral act.

Mary Margaret Maddox, PharmD Candidate 2022


Clinical Updates, Awareness Efforts During Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, so what better time to refresh your understanding and promote awareness around Parkinson disease than now?

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