Nicole Hunter, RN


Clinical Overview: Treatment Options for Candida Auris

With the organism’s potential to cause severe symptoms, severe disease, and possible death, it is essential to care for infected individuals promptly and safely.

Helen Sairany, PharmD, MBA, BCACP


Managing Burnout: The Era of the Great Resignation

One could also argue that the Great Resignation is an era for a great realignment. During lockdown, many individuals took the time to realign their priorities.

Frank Labrozzi


Opioid Settlement May Spur Cannabis as Potential New Pharmacy Revenue Stream

The opioid settlement framework could have a significant impact on the future of cannabis distribution and its role in health care.

June Haygood, CPhT, MPH, MBA


Embracing the Evolution of Pharmacy Technicians Post Pandemic

The expansion of roles is a testament to technicians' indispensable worth in safeguarding medication safety and promoting the profession.

Monisha Gupta, PhD


AI Is Revolutionizing Oncology With a Quantum Leap in Cancer Treatment

AI systems can detect minute anomalies often missed by the human eye, reducing false negatives.

Jaya White, JD


Lawsuit Challenges States’ Ability to Bar Access to Mifepristone

Without a constitutional right to abortion, mail order pharmacy providers need to consider both the federal requirements and various state laws in how they approach the dispensing of mifepristone across state lines.

Christine Cline-Dahlman, BFA, CPhT


Expanding Tech-Check-Tech Will Move Pharmacy Into the Future

Product verification allows technicians to practice at the top of their license and frees pharmacists to interact with patients.

Jennifer L. Donovan and Agnes Cha


Key Metrics That Support the Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Model

Real-world metrics demonstrate that using health-system specialty pharmacies (HSSPs) means everyone wins: health systems, clinicians, and patients.

Hien Tang, PharmD, BCOP


USC ALL Induction Regimen Combined With Newer TKIs Is Safe, Effective for Patients With Ph+ Disease

Achieving MRD flow cytometry negativity is crucial in monitoring and predicting survival outcomes.

Priyanka Nair, MBA


6 Major Trends Boosting the Telemedicine Market in Health Care

The number of medical visits carried out via telehealth grew from 840,000 in 2019 to 52.7 million in 2020.

Hossam Maksoud, PharmD


Pharmacists Can Help Mitigate Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Drug Concerns With Education, Adherence Assistance

Pharmacists play an important role in providing education and support with adherence to PrEP in populations with a high risk for HIV infection.

Jing Wu


Partnership Between Public Health and Pharmacy: Opportunities to Increase Resource Sharing, Efficiency, and Improved Health Outcomes

Additional support is necessary to ensure that infrastructure development continues and that all pharmacists have the necessary tools to continue to provide immunization services.

Ryan Haumschild, PharmD, MS, MBA


Build a Successful Biosimilar Adoption Plan

Many health care systems use these products to provide similar but cheaper clinical outcomes.

Andres Moreno


Infusion Centers Must Be Proactive to Reduce Risks

There are several key areas of risk that infusion practices are likely to face at some point, and proactively preparing for these events can help ensure a positive outcome.

Matthew Marshall


How Stakeholders Can Maximize the Value of Real-World Data Analytics

Analytics allow for a better understanding of the needs of various patient populations and the barriers they face in accessing care.

Oluwaseyi Egbewande, PharmD Candidate


The Role of the Pharmacist in Herpes Zoster Vaccination

Pharmacists as immunizers are vaccine distributors, educators, facilitators, and administrators.

Marilyn Bulloch, PharmD, BCPS, FCCM, SPP


What Is Going On With Male Contraception?

Sixty years after the first hormonal birth control pill was marketed to women, men still have limited options with variable efficacy for birth control.

Tracey McGrath, PharmD


Mindful Art: A Creative Practice Pharmacists Can Use to Reduce Stress

Pharmacists are cited as one of the most stressed professions and a creative habit can help to improve focus, enhance productivity, and reduce stress.

Ashlee Wertman, PharmD


The Latest in the Role of Pharmacogenomics in Mental Health Treatment

Pharmacogenomic testing in combination with therapeutic drug monitoring can be a cost effective and efficient way to advance psychiatric drug therapy.

Raymond Pascual, PharmD candidate


Semaglutide Carries Potential Risk of Worsening Diabetic Retinopathy

Despite demonstrating numerous benefits, semaglutide has also been linked to an increased incidence of diabetic retinopathy, which was initially reported in the SUSTAIN-6 trial.

Addy Howe, PharmD Candidate


Hepatitis Awareness Month: Help Your Patients Live(r) Longer

Many of patients with hepatitis that pharmacists encounter have viral hepatitis, which can be easily remembered as the ABCs of hepatitis.

Lynnlee Okda, PharmD


HSV Offers Promising Target for Preventive, Therapeutic Vaccines

Vaccination provides an opportunity to prevent and treat herpes simplex virus infection.

Kay Yamamoto, PharmD


Avoid Burnout During Times of Uncertainty

Organizations should focus on improving employee well-being and reducing workplace stressors.

Cindy Nguyen, PharmD


Adverse Effects Impact Treatment Selection for VEGF-Targeted Oral TKIs in Metastatic RCC

Axitinib, cabozantinib, and lenvatinib are first-line treatment options.

Amy Niles, MBA


Alternative Funding Programs Affect Our Most Vulnerable Patient Populations

AFPs limit access to provider-prescribed specialty medications.

Allison Kupsh, PharmD


Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Change Treatment Landscape for Metastatic Cervical Cancer

Approval of a novel antibody-drug conjugate ushers in new second-line option.

Erin Hunter, Associate Editor


Higher Dietary Niacin Associated With Reduction in All-Cause Mortality Among Patients with Liver Disease

However, increasing dietary niacin did not reduce risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease, the primary cause of death associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Paige Clark, RPh


The Sooner the Better: Why Pharmacies Need a Smarter Pricing System Now

Your pharmacy’s bottom line needs a smarter pricing system to keep up with a tech-smart customer. But when should you make the move?

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