Megan Schwartz, BS, PharmD Candidate 2024


FDA, USP Advance Standardization, Regulation of Cannabis Nationally

Quality standards and national regulation help to establish its role as medicine.

Benjamin Jolley, PharmD


Take Steps to Prepare for DIR Fee Changes in 2024

Up-front payments to pharmacies will be significantly lower starting this year, creating cash flow challenges

Daniel Anzalone, PharmD


Staff Pharmacists Discuss Updated Carboplatin Drug Shortage Mitigation Strategies at the University of Illinois at Chicago Oncology Clinic Pharmacy

After carboplatin joined the growing list of drug shortages, staff pharmacists acted to minimize the impact on patients.

Bethanie Gamble, PharmD


Controlled Substance Transfers: Ensuring Internal Management from Site to Site

Controlled substance transfers are occurring at a higher rate as health systems create their own ecosystems to combat medication shortages.

Irene Ryu, PharmD, CAPM


Staff Pharmacists Discuss Updated Carboplatin Drug Shortage Mitigation Strategies at the University of Illinois at Chicago Oncology Clinic Pharmacy

After carboplatin joined the growing list of drug shortages, staff pharmacists acted to minimize the impact on patients.

Anne Gonzales-Luna, PharmD


Clinical Overview: Fecal Microbiota Transplantation vs Live Biotherapeutic Products for Management of Recurrent C Difficile Infection

Although antibiotics are the standard-of-care treatment for Clostridioides difficile infection, they can cause further microbiota changes that predispose patients to recurrence.

Matt Jewett


Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Care: When Innovation is Hidden In Plain Sight

Pharmacies have long embraced innovation and technology, with early adoption of telehealth and digital platforms.

Danielle Bryan, PharmD, CSP


Breaking Silos: How Health Systems and Manufacturers Can Drive Progress Together

Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy and Takeda Oncology are reaching across silos and entering an innovative partnership to improve patient care across the entire medication journey.

Oded Kraft


Developing the Missing Piece in Mental Health Treatment

It is important that mental health professionals and providers look to newer approaches and methods to supplement the current standard of care.

Katherine Maddox, PharmD, RPh


Parenting and Pharmacy Residency: 4 Tips and Tricks for Success

Although everyone’s residency looks different, it is important for mothers to assess childcare options, be transparent about their schedule, and take care of themselves.

Katelyn Leary, PharmD Candidate


Removal of Phenylephrine From Nasal Decongestants Could Reshape OTC Cold Remedies

Intranasal decongestants are preferred alternatives to oral phenylephrine for relief of nasal congestion.

Kylie Price, PharmD


June 2023 Interactive Case Studies

Cases highlight patients who have attention-deficity/hyperactivity disorder and diabetic peripheral nephropathy.

Jason Ausili, Chief Clinical Officer, FDS Amplicare


Community Pharmacies Positioned to be the Epicenter of Care

Community pharmacists have an essential role to play during this phase of the crisis that could further entrench them as the epicenter of care in the communities they serve.

Megan Menon, PharmD, BCOP


Antineoplastic Extravasation Prevention, Management

Extravasation is defined as the inadvertent leakage of a vesicant from the vein into the surrounding tissue.

Steffanie Ung, PharmD Candidate


Clinical Overview: Teprotumumab for Thyroid Eye Disease

Teprotumumab is the first fully human IgG1 monoclonal antibody approved by the FDA for the treatment of thyroid eye disease at its source not just reducing the symptoms.

Harsha Rajasimha, PhD


Fostering Equity in Health Care Research: Eliminating Gender Bias With Decentralized Clinical Trials for Women

Decentralized clinical trials are emerging as a method by which to address gender bias in clinical research.

Jason Borschow


2030: The Beginning of a New Era in Health Care

By setting a standard for prescriptions that improves member access, outcomes, and experience, we will establish a path forward for every facet of health care.

John Ahler, RPh


Locking Prescription Vials Helps Keep Medicine Safe in Medication-assisted Treatment Programs

For patients with opioid use disorder, medication-assisted treatment programs are a clinically effective approach.

Chris Peshek, PharmD, RPh


Real-World Experience With Continuous Glucose Monitoring Is an “Eye-Opening” Experience

Most important of all, we gained a new level of empathy and understanding for patients diagnosed with diabetes whose diagnosis requires that they are constantly mindful and attentive to the balance of diet, exercise, and lifestyle in their day-to-day lives.

Carmen Witsken, PharmD


Is It Too Late to Get a Flu Shot?

Ideally, older patients receive vaccinations by October, but disease activity often peaks in February or March.

Sean Marchese, MS, RN


Effort Is Needed to Address Climate Change-Associated Cancer Risk in the United States

The data show that the 10-year survival rate of patients with breast cancer who survived Hurricane Katrina was much lower than those who did not face a major weather event.

Thomas Dobmeyer, MD


Access to Medicine, Clinical Trials Jeopardized by Ukraine War

There are a huge number of medical facilities in Ukraine that run international clinical trials, with the FDA noting that more than 250 drugs and devices were undergoing clinical research in Ukraine.

Alexander Maciejewski, PharmD, MSLD, AAHIVP


Community Pharmacists and Technicians: Impacting Public Health One Service at a Time

Community-based pharmacy services are reaching new heights as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are able to have a larger impact on patient care than ever before.

Jessica Huston, PharmD


Focus on Human Papillomavirus Virus Vaccination in Adults and Young Adults

Combining strong evidence-based recommendations with caring, compassionate, and frequent counseling opportunities hopefully will increase vaccine acceptance and ultimately reduce the incidence of HPV and associated cancers among our patients.

Brittany Riley, PharmD, BCPS, MS


Gabapentin Presents High Potential for Misuse

Although the anticonvulsant is not considered a controlled substance, some state legislation focuses on monitoring the use of or reclassifying it.

Laura Borgerding, PharmD Candidate


Clinical Overview: Lecanemab Use, Coverage for Alzheimer Disease

In clinical trials, lecanemab showed a reduction of amyloid beta plaque in patients with Alzheimer disease.

Jordan Tabish, PharmD


Targeting the Untargetable: Novel Agents in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Pharmacists have an important role in the optimization of AML therapies.

April Peterson, PharmD Candidate


Beyond Depression: Antidepressants and Their Diverse Indications

An overview of antidepressant medications and their indications to inform health care professionals of their wide use and to better understand which antidepressant to recommend based on patient-specific characteristics.

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