Final Thoughts on Operationalization of Bispecific Antibodies for Multiple Myeloma


Panelists provide concluding perspectives on the operationalization of bispecific antibodies for multiple myeloma.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a Practice Pearls involving Ryan Haumschild, PharmD, MS, MBA; Matthew Pianko, MD; and Anthony Perissinotti, PharmD, BCOP.

As key next steps, Pianko emphasizes developing robust inpatient management guidelines for cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and identifying a project leader to drive coordination across key stakeholders like hospital finance teams to optimize operational workflows and preauthorization requirements. Determining best practices for eventual outpatient administration will be important, whether involving prophylactic tocilizumab, patient hotlines for concerning symptoms, or emergency supply of steroids.

Given the broad catchment area, some patients travel hours for infusions, posing access challenges if CRS develops later. Community oncologists should consider partnering with academic centers for bispecific initiation while developing internal expertise. There are also open questions around long-term management like prevention of immunosuppression and infections that warrantadditional education.

Haumschild agrees partnerships facilitate community oncologist access by enabling resource sharing around guidelines and treatment approaches. More data is needed regarding earlier line of therapy usage, durability of responses, and assessing minimal residual disease status.

Perissinotti emphasizes the need to educate emergency departments, intensive care units, overnight staff, and other providers that may interface with these complex patients. Additionally, the reimbursement environment clearly impacts operational decisions, but most clinicians have limited insight into these financial considerations. Education on reimbursement drivers and implications for inpatient vs outpatient administration would enable more informed, patient-centered decisions.


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