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Kirby Lester's KL30 Right Size for Many Pharmacies

Kirby Lester (Lake Forest, IL) recently launched its KL30 automated dispensing and verification system. Compact enough to fit on a countertop, the system is suited to any retail or hospital outpatient pharmacy that processes from 100 to 1000 prescriptions per day. The KL30 uses drugspecific, "intelligent" cassettes to fully automate the dispensing of a pharmacy's top 30 oral solid medications, with the ability to count other medications by pouring them into the device's funnel. Additional cassettes can be ordered and added on if demand necessitates. Pharmacists can rest assured that medications dispensed are accurate, as the system counts them when dispensed from the cassette, and again as they fall through the KL30. Beyond automating the dispensing of all tablets, the KL30 automates the verification of 100% of all prescriptions, not just oral solids. Bidirectional interfacing allows for full connection with a pharmacy management system, and replenishment functionalities include UPC scanning and fingerprint-based permission.

GlowCap SOLO Helps Thwart Adherence Setbacks

Vitality Inc's (Cambridge, MA) GlowCap SOLO may be small in size, but it carries big implications for the issue of patient medication adherence. The simple-to-use, battery-operated device fits onto standard-size medication vials to help make missed doses a thing of the past. Patients set the GlowCap to alert them of oncedaily dosage times. They are then reminded to take the medication when the GlowCap flashes an orange light. The light flashes for an hour, or until the vial is opened. If the medication is not opened after an hour, the device plays an intermittent melody for the next hour to ensure that the patients do not miss their dose.

SinglePointe Provides One-Stop Med Management

Omnicell's (Mountain View, CA) SinglePointe is an automated medication dispensing system that offers, as its name denotes, a single point of access for all patient medications. The SinglePointe system also ensures patient safety by diminishing the incidence of errors and freeing up clinicians' time from having to hunt down missing medications. The system provides an auto-assign process that matches patient-specific locations with patients and their medications that are not typically stocked in the dispensing system. In addition, the SinglePointe's intuitive workflow creates enhanced accountability and control of patient-specific medications in situations of a patient being transferred or discharged from the hospital. The system can be an advantage for pharmacies, allowing pharmacists to become more productive by eliminating manual processes that eat up their time.

Quick Modules Offers Mail-Order Pharmacy Imaging Solution

Fairfax Imaging's (Tampa, FL) Quick Modules is an imaging and data-capture platform that can be tailored and scaled to meet a variety of needs and business volumes. The system, which is an integrated simultaneous forms, fax, and check processing solution, is used in mail-order pharmacies to perform high-speed color batch scanning of both sides of incoming prescriptions, as well as other forms and documents. Quick Modules also has the capabilities of scanning and entering mail. In terms of prescriptions, the system provides photographic quality images that can be gleaned even from paper that is dark-colored, safety paper, or on paper with complex printed backgrounds. The high-quality imaging also allows for altered prescriptions to be detected more easily. A turnkey, full-service, hardware-independent solution, Quick Modules provides speedier processing and greater cost efficiency.

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