Aurobindo Pharma Limited (APL) was incorporated as a private limited company by P.V. Ramprasad Reddy and K. Nityananda Reddy. Born of their vision and a relatively small group of highly committed scientists, engineers, and professionals, the company commenced operations with a single manufacturing unit, specializing in semisynthetic penicillin. Roughly two years later another manufacturing unit was established near Hyderabad, India. The addition of this manufacturing unit emphasized Aurobindo’s focus on its core strengths of vertical integration, manufacturing and a robust portfolio.

In 1992 Aurobindo Pharmaceutical Limited became a public company and by 1995 was listed on the Indian Stock Exchange. Ten years later they made a strategic move to enter the premium markets of the USA & Europe with their generic formulations. Aurobindo Pharma Limited exports to over 150 countries.

Today Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc., operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Limited with headquarters in East Windsor, New Jersey. The company has successfully launched affordable products across multiple therapeutic areas and delivery technologies while leveraging world-class talent in a global market. Aurobindo has managed to grow its business rapidly, both organically and by way of strategic acquisitions, to one of the leading companies in the industry. The company has received amongst the highest number of ANDA approvals of all generic firms for several years running, and currently ranks 3rd in terms of total volume in the US market, with about 550 ANDAs filed with the FDA and 380 final approvals. 

From discovery to development to commercialization, the growth is aided by cost-effective drug development and substantial manufacturing. The R&D center, in Hyderabad covers over 13,000 sq.m. with over 700 scientists striving for excellence.  The team is focused on organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, bio-equivalence studies and drug delivery systems.

Aurobindo continues to invest in the future of the company and recently commercialized its newest manufacturing facility, Unit-10, bolstering its portfolio of manufacturing infrastructure. This facility is solely dedicated to supporting the ongoing growth in the US market.  Aurobindo focuses on strategic portfolio management across a broad product line with no single product contributing more than 5% of total revenue.  In recent years, they have continued to expand into new therapeutic categories and delivery methods such as injectables, OTC drugs, oncology, hormones, oral contraceptives, ophthalmic, metered-dose dry powder inhalers, and biosimilars.  

Now, in 2019, Aurobindo is well positioned in terms of scale, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through its expansive yet lean operating model, and now ranks among the largest generics suppliers around the globe. Although this has been fueled largely by organic growth, the recently announced definitive agreement to acquire Sandoz’s US oral solids and dermatology business units further advances Aurobindo’s aggressive growth strategy. This greatly strengthens the company’s vast market presence, as well as the scope and breadth of the partnerships it holds with key customers in the US. Aurobindo’s managing director, Govind Narayanan added, “We look forward to delivering the benefits of this transaction to all our stakeholders including employees, patients, customers and healthcare providers across the US.” As a result of this acquisition, subject to regulatory approval by the FTC, Aurobindo will be adding nearly 300 unique product families to its portfolio, and continue to climb the ranks even further into a dominant and diversified market leadership position, ensuring that the company remains one of the leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers around the globe.

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