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As Pfizer’s generics provider, Greensonte LLC offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of both ANDA generic and authorized generic medications.

As Pfizer’s generics provider, GREENSTONE LLC offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of both ANDA generic and authorized generic medications. GREENSTONE is committed to staying ahead in the ever-changing retail generics business, and continues to look for opportunities to expand its portfolio. For example, noteworthy launches of GREENSTONE products include tazarotene cream (Tazorac®),* prazosin hydrochloride capsules (Minipress®),* and tolterodine tartrate extended-release capsules (Detrol® LA).* Additional medications may be found in the product catalog on

Another medication is being added to the GREENSTONE portfolio. Viagra® (sildenafil citrate) is losing its exclusivity in the US in December 2017,† and GREENSTONE will be there on Day 1 to provide the authorized generic version of the drug. As an authorized generic, it will be identical to the brand-name drug except for characteristics such as markings, labeling, and packaging—patients are going to receive the same medicine in a white tablet. Nearly all GREENSTONE authorized generics are manufactured in the same Pfizer facilities where their brand-name versions are made, which means you can expect a commitment to quality medications.

Since medications like Viagra tend to be subject to fraudulent activity, the sildenafil citrate authorized generic bottles will contain several forms of anti-counterfeit technology that are used for brand-name Viagra and are also specifically tailored for GREENSTONE. Examples of this technology include a unique barcode and an anti-counterfeiting logo on GREENSTONE sildenafil citrate authorized generic bottles that differs in appearance from the regular logo. With these technologies, GREENSTONE provides the same level of brand protection that brand-name Viagra currently offers.

For more than 20 years, GREENSTONE has been committed to exceptional quality and manufacturing excellence with every product it offers. GREENSTONE employs resources from Pfizer, a large and established global pharmaceutical manufacturer, to be able to hold its generics to high standards. In addition to manufacturing products, GREENSTONE is also dedicated to reliable customer service and building trusted partnerships. Customers can be confident that GREENSTONE’s goal is to ensure that any of its medications that patients may require, such as the authorized generic sildenafil citrate, are readily available at many US pharmacies.

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