Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Leveraging Aurobindo Pharma’s core expertise in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and a robust portfolio of more than 200 products, AuroControl is achieved from the beginning of the process. Aurobindo Pharma enjoys one of the highest rates of vertical integration, incorporating in-house API in greater than 90% of oral solid formulations.

Strong scientific principles and regulatory expertise yield extraordinary results. Aurobindo Pharma has developed a varied product portfolio comprising more than 150 product families. Aurobindo Pharma’s portfolio is recognized as 1 of the most extensive in the industry, with products spanning therapeutic categories, including anti-infectives, cardiovascular, central nervous system, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease states, and pain management. The company’s product portfolio continues to evolve across different categories, from the typical oral solid products to inhalations, injectables, ophthalmics, topicals, and transdermals.

Aurobindo Pharma has sustained continual growth and one of the highest rates of vertical integration in the US finished dose market. Aurobindo Pharma’s vast manufacturing capabilities serve more than 125 countries globally and include 23 finished-dose and 17 API formulation facilities. In fact, this large global footprint and continued success in the marketplace has made Aurobindo Pharma among the top 5 fastest-growing generic companies by TRx volume.

To manage this critical component of pharmaceutical manufacturing, Aurobindo Pharma has heavily invested in modern packaging and printing systems that provide all-in-one services. Packaging lines are designed to handle high-speed packaging, in line labeling, and printing for bottles, blister packs, multi- and single-dose vials, and prefilled syringes. Additionally, the company maintains automated filling systems, tablet counters, along with a state-of-the-art vision system. This automation minimizes the need for manual intervention, reducing errors and waste, while increasing throughput. Our continued investment in this space provides better, faster output, where all variables are tightly controlled. This allows us to be more cost-effective, without ever compromising quality.

Aurobindo Pharma recently opened its doors to a new stateof-the-art warehouse and distribution center. Located in central New Jersey, it comprises 567,000 square feet of distribution and warehousing space, using automated storage and retrieval system technology. Aurobindo Pharma’s intense focus on increasing capacity and streamlining processes allows it to meet the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace. For the company’s customers, in various market segments, both large and small, this controlled yield drives value without sacrificing quality.
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