Health Systems Product News

APRIL 01, 2009

29-Gauge Needle for Copaxone (glatiramer acetate injection)

Teva Pharmaceuticals (North Wales, PA) recently launched a new, thinner 29-Gauge Prefilled Syringe for Copaxone. The product is indicated for reduction of the frequency of relapses in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). A recent survey of 562 patients with MS found that the new thinner needle was significantly preferred by 77% of patients over the previous 27-gauge needle. The recommended dose of Copaxone is 20 mg/day injected subcutaneously. The product is supplied as a single-use prefilled syringe containing 1.0 mL of a clear, colorless to slightly yellow, sterile, nonpyrogenic solution containing 20 mg of glatiramer acetate and 40 mg of mannitol, USP in cartons of 30 single-use prefilled syringes. For more information, visit

Precedex (dexmedetomidine HCl) Injection

Hospira Inc (Lake Forest, IL) recently received FDA approval for Precedex Injection for use in nonintubated patients requiring sedation prior to and/or during surgical and other procedures. The product also is indicated for sedation of initially intubated and mechanically ventilated patients during treatment in an intensive care setting. Precedex Injection should be administered by continuous infusion not to exceed 24 hours. For intensive care unit sedation, clinicians should generally initiate at 1 mcg/kg over 10 minutes, followed by a maintenance infusion of 0.2 mcg/kg to 0.7 mcg/kg per hour. For procedural sedation, clinicians should generally initiate at 1 mcg/ kg over 10 minutes, followed by a maintenance infusion initiated at 0.6 mcg/kg per hour and titrated to achieve desired clinical effect with doses ranging from 0.2 mcg/kg to 1 mcg/kg per hour. For more information, visit, or call 877-9HOSPIRA (877-946-7747).