Public Health Matters: Entrepreneurship, MedsPLUS Consulting, and Reaching Marginalized Communities


Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” to learn about Dr. Pauline K. Long and her entrepreneurship journey, as well as how she creates meaningful impacts on patients in marginalized communities and within public health.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Pauline Long discusses her journey as an entrepreneur and pharmacy business owner and consultant, and how feeling unfulfilled in her role as a traditional community pharmacist drove her to begin her business, MedsPLUS Consulting, LLC.
  • Dr. Pauline shares the importance of health care professionals who look and sound like the communities they serve, particularly in marginalized areas. Building relationships between health care workers and their patients is key to providing care and helping improve both treatment and vaccination adherence.
  • Dr. Pauline discusses the significance of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being for entrepreneurs who are first getting started. She suggests that they should also have a community of supportive people around them who can be uplifting during hard times and celebrate successes.
  • Dr. Christina Madison and Dr. Pauline make recommendations for businesses or entrepreneurs who are trying to get started, such as reaching out to Small Business Administration, local chambers, joining organizations such as the Women’s Chamber. Women-owned or minority-owned businesses should look at seeking certification.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dr. Pauline Long's journey into entrepreneurship highlights the opportunities for pharmacists to make a significant impact beyond traditional roles. By starting her own pharmacy and consulting business, she demonstrates how pharmacists can innovate and address unmet needs within their communities.
  2. Dr. Pauline's approach emphasizes the importance of community-centered care and culturally competent services. Through strategic partnerships with health care providers and community organizations, she works to improve patient outcomes and address health disparities, particularly in marginalized communities.
  3. Utilizing local resources, grants, and community support is essential for implementing innovative health initiatives. Dr. Pauline’s experience demonstrates the value of networking, seeking mentorship, and accessing resources such as the Small Business Administration to support pharmacy entrepreneurs in navigating obstacles and maximizing impact.

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Dr. Pauline K. Long can be found on LinkedIn.

To learn more about MedsPLUS Consulting, LLC, check out their website, call 205-650-4636, or reach out to Dr. Pauline via email at Check out MedsPLUS on their social media channels:

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