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Salt in wooden bowl on dark stone table. | Image Credit: Milan -
Study Finds Many Individuals With Cardiovascular Disease Consume Twice Daily Recommendation of Sodium

April 22nd 2024

Investigators found that 89% of individuals with cardiovascular disease consumed more than 1500 mg of sodium daily.

nerve cells, Neurologic Disease, tumors, brain surgery | Image Credit: ralwel -
Ocrelizumab Demonstrates Near-Complete Suppression of Relapses for Multiple Sclerosis

April 22nd 2024

Image credit: sdecoret |
FDA Approves Vedolizumab for Maintenance Therapy to Treat Crohn Disease

April 19th 2024

Tumor in lungs -- Image credit: Sebastian Kaulitzki |
FDA Approves Alectinib to Treat Patients With ALK-Positive NSCLC

April 19th 2024

Doctor watching a xray of lung cancer on digital tablet. Radiology concept - Image credit: steph photographies |
Study: Chemotherapy to Treat Breast Cancer Increases Risk of Lung Cancer

April 19th 2024

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