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The shift from fee-for-service to a value-based care payment model represents the growing understanding of the value of health care providers in improving overall patient outcomes.
A case of the virus that reportedly originated in Wuhan City, China has been confirmed in Washington State.
The report projects changes in upcoming health care markets, including kidney care, digital health, drug cost transparency, the loneliness epidemic, and the self-care market.
According to a survey commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians, certain groups, including millennials and African Americans, are more susceptible to anti-vaccination rhetoric and beliefs, with 51% of Americans reporting they have not received a flu shot this season. In addition, nearly one-third of adults who completed the survey do not plan on getting a flu shot.
Since 2006, the CDC has tracked increases in cases and outbreaks about every 5 years.
Control and Power
Pharmacists should familiarize themselves with their local governing bodies, which defend public health, safety, and welfare.
The findings support the inclusion of these patient populations in ICI-based clinical trials and treatment.
Safety net providers, which historically work in underserved communities, have successfully petitioned state legislatures to take action on 340B 2-tier pricing.
Although there are many great benefits of mail-order pharmacy, there are times when it may not be the right choice. 
vision loss
Why is AR experiencing vision disturbances? 
ADHD is correlated with lower health-related quality of life that starts in childhood and can persist into adulthood.
Pharmacists play a critical role in protecting patients from seasonal influenza and pneumonia illnesses and sequelae.