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New protein-based immunotherapies could stimulate patients’ immune systems without needing to engineer T cells on an individual basis.
The investigators urged continued safety measures, such as social distancing and school closures, in order to prevent more COVID-19 variant-related deaths and hospitalizations.
Paul Ament, PharmD, reviews the data from studies looking into the prevention of VTEs and Riley Bowers, PharmD, shares the real-world data to the studies.
Investigators are set to begin testing sulfasalazine and auronofin, which are FDA-approved to treat rheumatoid arthritis, in cancer cell models.
The first vaccine dose alone offered strong protection against COVID-19, with efficacy that did not decline over the 3 months between doses.
President Joseph Biden announced a partnership between Merck and Johnson & Johnson, in which 2 of Merck’s facilities will begin producing the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
Although there have been many challenges and concerns during the pandemic, experts said there are also lessons to be learned and implemented once the pandemic is over.
Implications for prescribing vancomycin or fidaxomicin to treat C. difficile infections.

Investigators recommended avoiding risk factors such as smoking and switching to a transdermal administration route for testosterone.
VTE 10
Riley Bowers, PharmD, and Paul Ament, PharmD, discuss the dose adjustments necessary for DOACs in patients who are obese or overweight or those who have renal insufficiency.
Results show respondents' top drivers of happiness in the workplace are colleagues, compensation, and autonomy.
Riley Bowers, PharmD, reviews the direct oral anticoagulants [DOACs] indicated for VTE treatment.