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Important things to understand about diagnosing C. difficile and recommendations for properly differentiating the condition from other diseases when working-up a patient.
Interventions to reduce suffering, restore connections with others, and maintain safety are essential, and normalizing conversations about suicidal ideation and suicide itself is important.
Panel of experts discusses alert systems, PPE, and surface contamination as methods for minimizing exposure to dispensing pharmacists
Studies have shown that patients with Parkinson disease admitted to the hospital experience longer hospital stays and increased mortality than age matched control groups.
In addition to communicating about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, uses for online portals include requesting prescription refills, seeking advice on health concerns, and scheduling appointments.

These actions can eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure greater supply chain resiliency for the next pandemic—and beyond.
Study finds that death was significantly less likely for type 2 diabetes subjects taking metformin, compared to those not taking metformin.
In successive surveys over the past several months, an increasing number of pharmacists said they plan to be immunized, plan to manage the logistics of handling the vaccine, and will administer it to patients.
Implications for using SYK inhibitors as second-line therapy for immune thrombocytopenia over other available treatment options based on current data.
The perception of creativity has been limited merely to art and innovation, neglecting one of the main sectors that strives for this: education.
Obstacles to cancer screenings for low-income patients can include lack of transportation and an inability to take time off of work.
C. Difficile
A discussion regarding the increasing frequency of C. difficile recurrence and its effects on patients and the health care system.