Pharmacy Focus : Episode 83

Pharmacy Focus: World Psychedelics Day


On this episode of Pharmacy Focus, experts discuss World Psychedelics Day, which is June 20. Experts will also discuss goals of World Psychedelics Day in increasing awareness and appreciation of psychedelics' therapeutic potential while honoring traditional knowledge. Experts cover the history of psychedelics, current research on psychedelic therapies for conditions like PTSD and depression, and future directions. Proper education, screening, medication management and harm reduction practices are highlighted as best ways that pharmacists can get involved.

Guests Include:
Mark Achbar, WPD Founder
Sarah Butterfield, WPD Creative DirectorRev. Shannon Smadella, WPD Operations & Partnerships DirectorSandra Dreisbach, PhD, WPD Ethics DirectorDennis Mckenna, Director and President of the Mckenna AcademyKevin Lanzo, PharmD, co-founder of the Psychedelic Pharmacists Association (PPA)
Kristin Speer, PharmD, BCPS, co-founder of the PPA
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