Pharmacy Focus : Episode 72

Pharmacy Focus: AAPT Hosts Fall Seminar for Pharmacy Technicians


Tune in to this episode of Pharmacy Focus to gain a deeper understanding of the AAPT Fall Seminar, the evolving landscape of pharmacy practice, and the crucial roles played by pharmacy technicians.

In this episode of Pharmacy Focus, we turn the spotlight on the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT) and their highly anticipated Fall Seminar. Interviewees Judy Neville from AAPT and Wesley Sparkmon, Assistant Professor at Creighton University, discuss the intricacies of this seminar, its pivotal sessions on pharmacy technicians, and the critical topics of expanding roles, motivation, and effective communication within the pharmacy team.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to the AAPT Fall Seminar
  • The role of pharmacy technicians
  • Motivating pharmacy technicians
  • Expanding roles of pharmacy technicians
  • Effective communication between pharmacists and pharmacy techs
  • The future of pharmacy practice

Sign up for the seminar here: Pharmacy Technician Fall Seminar

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