Pharmacy Focus : Episode 74

Pharmacy Focus: A Glimpse into Independent Prescribing


Tune in to this episode of Pharmacy Focus for a deep dive into the world of independent pharmacists prescribing, featuring insights and expertise from Deeb Eid.

In this episode of Pharmacy Focus, Deeb Eid, PharmD, RPh, founder and host of the RxPOSED podcast, discusses a comprehensive overview of independent pharmacists prescribing. As we step into 2024, Eid shares insights into the current landscape, the anticipated developments, and the evolving responsibilities and challenges that pharmacists may encounter due to updated state laws and regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Eid sets the stage by offering a brief but insightful overview of the landscape of independent pharmacists prescribing.
  2. Looking ahead, Eid discusses what pharmacists can expect in terms of developments and changes in independent pharmacists prescribing.
  3. Eid explores the positive impact on patients when pharmacists have prescribing authority, discussing the specific medications, disease states, and conditions that stand to benefit the most.
  4. Eid shares his perspective on how the continued expansion of independent pharmacists prescribing could reshape the broader healthcare landscape in states contemplating similar updates to their laws and regulations.

Deeb D. Eid, PharmD, RPh currently serves as the founder and host of the RxPOSED podcast and a senior advisor of regulatory affairs working on regulatory and legislative efforts throughout the country. In 2024, Deeb will be enrolled in the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP) yearlong fellowship to learn about practical politics, policy analysis, and effective governance. He formerly served as faculty at Ferris State College of Pharmacy and completed an executive residency with PTCB in Washington DC. Deeb also serves as the District IV NABP-AACP executive secretary & treasurer, maintaining a yearly budget and assisting with annual conference planning. He has served on various national, regional, and local boards, working on pharmacy law, public policy, volunteering for political campaigns, and conducting research to advance pharmacy practice. His focus areas include pharmacy team role advancements and evidence-based law-making.

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