Pharmacy Focus: Technician Edition With NHA - Episode 2

Pharmacy Focus: Technician Edition With NHA - The Expanding Opportunities of Pharmacy Technicians

On this month's episode hosts Jeremy Sasser and Jessica Langley-Loep from the National Healthcareer Association welcome their guest Christine Cline-Dahlman, BFA, CPhT, the founder and owner of PharmTechForward.

In this episode, Jeremy and Jessica speak with guest, Christine Cline-Dahlman, founder of “PharmTechForward,” a firm that produces educational materials for pharmacy technicians who want to advance their career by learning advanced clinical skills their pharmacies can provide. Their discussion includes the importance of available advanced training for technicians and how they can shift the way they think and practice, while remaining within their scope of practice. Christine also discusses the CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network) and the role they play in training of, and assisting in the third party reimbursement for pharmacy provided clinical services.