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Rx One: David L. Everhart, PharmD, MBA, and Pharmacy Student Cornelius Brown of CVS Pharmacy #1428 in Ranson, WV, were unable to decipher this prescription. They called the local emergency room to ask the physician what he was prescribing and the directions. The pharmacy staff members could not believe their ears when the physician clarified the order. Are you up to the challenge of figuring out this prescription?

Rx Two: Registered Pharmacist Edwin Link of Medicine Shoppe #420 in Wilmington, NC, was having a particularly busy afternoon when this prescription was brought into the pharmacy. At first glance, he thought that it might be for a compounded formulation that he did not know. After looking at the prescription from all sides, he called the Rx line at the prescribing physician's office. The technician asked for the prescription in question to be faxed. Because the technician could not decipher it either, she consulted with the physician and called the pharmacy back with the correct information. What tools will you use to decode this prescription?

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Rx 1: Pen VK 250 mg, #40, 1 tablet po qid; Rx 2: Clobetasol .05% Solution, 1 bottle, apply to rash on skin 2 times daily.

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