can you READ these Rxs?

NOVEMBER 01, 2007

Registered Pharmacist Charlene Smalls, of North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY, usually does not have a problem translating prescriptions. This prescription, however, stumped her. She called the prescribing physician?s office to verify it. The hospital pharmacy staff could not believe the physician?s answer, given that it did not even remotely resemble what the physician had scribbled on the Rx. Does your answer match what the physician ordered?

When this prescription was brought into Walgreens #4122 in New Albany, Ind, pharmacy technician Dana Fanning did not have a problem with the drug name. Yet, neither Fanning nor Sarah Galloway, PharmD, could figure out the directions. Dr. Galloway made a guess on the directions and Fanning made a guess on the quantity. Because it was a Sunday, they had to wait until Monday to find out what was prescribed by the physician. It turned out that both were correct in their deciphering of the directions and quantity. Can you unscramble this prescription?