LucidLinkWireless Security

NOVEMBER 01, 2005

Interlink Networks (Ann Arbor, Mich) recently introduced LucidLink Wireless Security. The software protects patient information transmitted over wireless fidelity networks with strong security that meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. The technology is simple enough to be deployed and managed in small and mid-size practices. LucidLink Wireless Security allows small and mid-size medical offices, clinics, and small hospitals to secure their 802.11 wireless networks with the same level of security used in large hospitals. The software's ability to prevent unauthorized network access, authenticate users, and maintain detailed use logs helps organizations implement the security safeguards required under HIPAA. LucidLink Wireless Security allows users to secure a wireless network in 15 minutes and supports most popular wireless access points and routers. For more information, visit