NOVEMBER 01, 2005

Swisslog (Denver, Colo) recently introduced the AutoBox, a staging carousel that improves the efficiency and speed of its automated pharmacy packaging system for hospitals. The product is a component of Swisslog's PillPick system, a total automated packaging, storage, and dispensing solution for transforming bulk stock into bar-coded unit-dose medications in the hospital pharmacy. The PillPick process commences when bulk solid medications are prepared for packaging. Tablets and capsules are placed inside canisters that are encoded with a radio-frequency tag containing medicationspecific information. These bar-coded, tamperresistant canisters are then placed by a pharmacy staff member into the AutoBox, which stages up to 12 canisters in preparation for barcode unit-dose packaging. The AutoBox automatically transfers the canisters into the packager, and, when packaging is finished, the canisters are automatically transferred and discharged from the unit. For more information, visit, or call 800-764-0300.