Prognosis Poor for Diabetic Women with CF

NOVEMBER 01, 2005

The prognosis for women with cystic fibrosis (CF) and diabetes is poor, compared with that for women with CF and no diabetes and with that for all men with CF. Researchers from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) analyzed data on 1081 individuals with CF over a 5-year period. Of the 1081 patients, 123 patients with CF-related diabetes were identified; 58 were men.

As reported in Diabetes Care (September 2005), the researchers found that the average survival for men without diabetes was 49.5 years, and for those with diabetes it was 47.4 years. Women without diabetes had a survival rate of 47 years. Women with diabetes, however, had a significantly lower survival rate—30.7 years. "The reasons for this effect are not entirely clear from our studies," noted lead researcher Carlos E. Milla, MD, "but it is intuitive to presume that they are probably related to hormonal interactions."