Statins May Ward Off Fractures

NOVEMBER 01, 2005

A study involving 91,052 seniors found that taking statins may prevent fractured and broken bones. The participants, predominantly men, were enrolled in the Veterans Administration health care system. Of the participants, 28,063 were prescribed only statins, and 2195 were taking other cholesterol-lowering medications.

As reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine (September 26, 2005), the researchers found a 36% lower risk of fractures in the statin group, compared with patients taking no lipid-lowering medication, and a 32% lower risk, compared with patients taking other lipid-lowering therapy.

Lead investigator Richard E. Scranton, MD, concluded that the study did not determine whether seniors should take statins to prevent injuries. "But the question is too important to ignore," he said. "What needs to be done is a randomized control trial to take patients who are at risk for fractures and see if the use of statins would prevent that."