CMS Approves Community Care Rx Program

NOVEMBER 01, 2005
Ken Rankin

Community Care Rx is 1 of 9 national prescription drug programs approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Member Health Inc, sponsor of the program, has joined forces with Computer Sciences Corporation and the National Community Pharmacists Association to provide a selection of Medicare Part D products to diverse segments of the Medicare population through Community Care Rx.

Endorsed by pharmacy industry leadership, Community Care Rx offers eligible Medicare beneficiaries extensive prescription drug coverage at their local pharmacies. The formulary for the plans goes beyond the US Pharmacopeia- recommended guidelines and covers >146 therapeutic drug classes. Monthly premiums for the 3 plans range from $26.25 to $45.23 and have deductibles of either $100 or $250. Medication therapy management services also will be offered through beneficiaries' pharmacists. Medicare beneficiaries can sign up for the Medicare Part D Community Care Rx through May 15, 2006.

Mr. Rankin is a freelance medical writer.