Association Offers Web-based MTM Services

NOVEMBER 01, 2005

Community MTM Services, developed by the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), changes the "behind-the-counter" paradigm of pharmacy communications. Community MTM will provide a Web-based communications infrastructure, clinical content, and policies and procedures to assist the provision of medication therapy management (MTM) services. Currently, communication tools available to pharmacists behind the counter do not have the information and structure necessary for successful delivery of high-quality MTM services.

The program will be an intermediary between plan sponsors and community pharmacists in the delivery of MTM services in the retail setting. MTM is a required offering in 2006 to eligible patients by Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Success of MTM services requires a system that plan sponsors can use to coordinate MTM duties with community pharmacists. Pharmacists must handle those tasks effectively, complete them in a timely manner, and efficiently document service delivery and submit claims for payment purposes.