Lester Nathan, MS

Being effective may be the single most challenging tasks facing the pharmacy owner today.
You know what DNA is, but do you really know what leadership is?
As The Pharmacy Sage, I often write about solving your most brutal problems by asking the right questions. 
Failure to understand and appreciate the dynamics of the marketplace is costing pharmacy owners money.
Efficiency means doing things right, while effectiveness means doing the right things.
You have a passion for helping people feel better, live longer, and enjoy life more. But, is your current place of employment allowing you to do that?
Back in 1995, Peter Drucker asked, in his book Managing in a Time of Great Change, a very insightful question, "what is your business?" For pharmacy owners today, that question is even more appropriate.
Not according to Richard Koch in his book The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less.
Creating your own new pharmacy, so that you can follow your passion and your dreams, can be very daunting.
Jerry Garcia, of The Grateful Dead fame, was not only a good musician, he was a great entrepreneur with a lesson for pharmacists. 
If you have a burning desire to provide more and better health information to patients, consider this: there is a reason you went to pharmacy school, and there is a reason that you still have that passion.
Is your life how you imagined it would be, or is it, in reality, more complicated and stressful than you planned? Do you wonder how you managed to achieve all you did including all the patient contacts, and fielding the calls from doctors, too?
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