A Lesson for Pharmacy Owners From Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia, of The Grateful Dead fame, was not only a good musician, he was a great entrepreneur with a lesson for pharmacists.

Pharmacy owners, take notice: Jerry Garcia, of The Grateful Dead fame, was not only a good musician, he was a great entrepreneur. He established The Grateful Dead as a different type of band and played a different kind of music.

Garcia spelled it out rather clearly when he reportedly said, You do not merely want to be considered the best-of-the-best, you want to be considered the only one that does what you do.”

How does that mantra apply to independent pharmacies?

In reality, there is a serious void in almost every community regarding health maintenance. The medical fraternity has been trained in allopathic medicine, which is mostly emergency medicine. In many cases, they have no knowledge of how to really treat chronic diseases. Neither do many pharmacists and independent pharmacy owners.

Therefore, in almost every community in the United States today, an opportunity exists for someone to fill that void. People who suffer from allergies, arthritis, asthma, even osteoporosis and Alzheimer disease need more and better help. They need someone who can provide them with the right information and high-quality nutraceuticals to alleviate those afflictions. That protocol can make them healthier and you wealthier.

The opportunity exists for any pharmacy owner to establish an unchallenged body of knowledge and assortment of products that can help these people feel better, live longer, and enjoy those additional years to a far greater degree. Yes, a pharmacy in almost every community in the country can become the obvious expert, helping people in ways others cannot.

The Pharmacy Sage has seen a number of such pharmacies build from modest beginnings to become powerhouse engines for profitability, which leads to more wealth for the owners as well as their families. Some have become millionaires in the process. A few have succeeded to the degree that they have been able to retain ownership while being on a rather permanent vacation.

Yes, Jerry Garcia did get it right. So can pharmacy owners.

The opportunity is there. The question is, who has the passion and the drive to help patients in this way, and make huge sums of money in the process?

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